FIRS Industry Replacement Set

New Industries and Cargos for OpenTTD

1. Download FIRS

FIRS is available from the content service in OpenTTD, as a zip for manual installation, or as a source checkout for compiling locally (requires mercurial and various python dependencies).

Download in OpenTTD

Easiest: get FIRS from the OpenTTD content service.


Download Zip

Get the latest FIRS release for manual install.

Download FIRS

Download Source

Checkout source code and compile your own FIRS.

FIRS Source Repo

2. Setting Up a Game with FIRS

A few things to know before setting up a FIRS game...

Conflict Detection

To avoid conflicts that could break your game, FIRS will disable itself if certain other newgrfs are detected in the current game. You'll see a message if this happens.

Conflicting newgrfs include other industry sets, such as ECS and PBI.

Vehicle Support

Many FIRS cargos are not transportable using the default vehicles. Fortunately there are lots of great NewGRF vehicle sets with FIRS support.

The in-game content service is a good place to find these.

Gameplay Parameters

FIRS has a number of parameters for gameplay behaviour. These cover things like economy choice, industry closure and station ratings. Parameters include help text explaining how they work.

Tip: parameters need to be set before starting a game. Parameters cannot be changed during a game.

3. FIRS Gameplay

You can jump right into FIRS gameplay.

  • There are familiar industries and cargos you'll recognise from default OpenTTD.
  • FIRS also adds lots of exciting new cargos and industries to play with.
  • Primary industries like mines and farms will always produce some cargo.
  • Secondary industries like the steel mill and cement plant will always produce some output cargo when an accepted cargo is delivered.
Gameplay Tips
  • Deliver supplies to primary industries regularly to boost production.
  • Some secondary industries boost production when more than one accepted cargo is delivered regularly.
  • Primary industries will never close.
  • Secondary industry will not close unless the closure parameter is enabled.
  • Some industries are available from year 0. Some industries (and the cargos they use) are only available after a certain date.

4. What Next?

Find out more about FIRS. Or try it out in OpenTTD!

FIRS Economies FIRS Cargos FIRS Industries Code Reference

5. Changes in FIRS

FIRS is updated and improved quite often.

The FIRS changelog keeps track of changes, including new features, bug fixes and updates to translations.

FIRS, with thanks to all who helped