Road Hog

A Big Fat Road Vehicle Set

93 road vehicles and trams for OpenTTD

Road Vehicles

Vehicle Name Intro Date Special Features
Griff Logging Truck (Steam) 1870 Faster loading
Reaver Supplies Truck (Steam) 1875 Faster loading
Leyburn Bus (Diesel) 1909 Faster loading
Tallyho Courier Truck (Diesel) 1909
Jinglepot Open Truck (Steam) 1910
Runwell Box Truck (Steam) 1910
Chainburn Flatbed Truck (Steam) 1910
Trefell Logging Truck (Steam) 1910 Faster loading
Cowsleigh Livestock Truck (Steam) 1911 Improved payment
Flow Edge Edibles Tanker Truck (Steam) 1912 Faster loading, improved payment
Boilingwell Tanker Truck (Steam) 1915 Faster loading
Coleman Dump Truck (Steam) 1920 Faster loading
Crime Rigg Supplies Truck (Steam) 1920 Faster loading
Thunder Bus (Diesel) 1935 Faster loading
Glenmore Coach (Diesel) 1935 Improved payment
Rattlebrook Open Truck (Diesel) 1939
Easywheal Box Truck (Diesel) 1939
Windergill Flatbed Truck (Diesel) 1939
Brass Monkey Courier Truck (Diesel) 1940
Pigstick Livestock Truck (Diesel) 1941 Improved payment
Greenscoe Tanker Truck (Diesel) 1942 Faster loading
Beerwoods Edibles Tanker Truck (Diesel) 1943 Faster loading, improved payment
Honister Dump Truck (Diesel) 1947 Faster loading
Broadrock Dump Truck (Diesel) 1947 Faster loading
Limebreach Covered Hopper Truck (Diesel) 1949 Faster loading
Merrivale Refrigerated Truck (Diesel) 1949 Improved payment
Knockdown Logging Truck (Diesel) 1950 Faster loading
Brigand Supplies Truck (Diesel) 1953 Faster loading
Steeraway Foundry Hauler (Diesel) 1960 Faster loading
Highgate Bus (Diesel) 1964 Faster loading
Oxleas Coach (Diesel) 1964 Improved payment
Yeoman Open Truck (Diesel) 1968
Quickset Box Truck (Diesel) 1968
Towerhouse Flatbed Truck (Diesel) 1968
Swineshead Livestock Truck (Diesel) 1970 Improved payment
Goldmire Courier Truck (Diesel) 1971
Waterperry Edibles Tanker Truck (Diesel) 1972 Faster loading, improved payment
Fortiscue Refrigerated Truck (Diesel) 1972 Improved payment
Wookey Dump Truck (Diesel) 1974 Faster loading
Meriden Tanker Truck (Diesel) 1974 Faster loading
Ribble Covered Hopper Truck (Diesel) 1978 Faster loading
Road Thief Supplies Truck (Diesel) 1989 Faster loading
Topley Bus (Diesel) 1990 Faster loading
Acton Coach (Diesel) 1990 Improved payment
Buff Logging Truck (Diesel) 1994 Faster loading
Capo Open Truck (Diesel) 1997
Speedwell Box Truck (Diesel) 1997
Big Rigg Flatbed Truck (Diesel) 1997
Littleduke Courier Truck (Diesel) 1998
Coldfall Refrigerated Truck (Diesel) 1998 Improved payment
Stungun Livestock Truck (Diesel) 1999 Improved payment
Powerstock Dump Truck (Diesel) 2001 Faster loading
Cloud Hill Tanker Truck (Diesel) 2001 Faster loading
Silvertop Edibles Tanker Truck (Diesel) 2001 Faster loading, improved payment
McDowell Covered Hopper Truck (Diesel) 2007 Faster loading
Witch Hill Dump Truck (Diesel) 2007 Faster loading


Vehicle Name Intro Date Special Features
Ladycross Passenger Tram (Steam) 1860 Faster loading
Tin Hatch Courier Tram (Steam) 1860
Buildwas Open Tram (Steam) 1860
Amblecote Box Tram (Steam) 1860
Stakebeck Flatbed Tram (Steam) 1860
Scrag End Livestock Tram (Steam) 1865 Improved payment
Plumley Fruit & Vegetables Tram (Steam) 1865 Improved payment
Scrooby Top Dump Tram (Steam) 1870 Faster loading
Drumbreck Tanker Tram (Steam) 1870 Faster loading
Portland Open Tram (Electric) 1900
Rakeway Box Tram (Electric) 1900
Rackwood Flatbed Tram (Electric) 1900
Polangrain Covered Hopper Tram (Electric) 1900 Faster loading
Trotalong Livestock Tram (Electric) 1901 Improved payment
Applethwaite Fruit & Vegetables Tram (Electric) 1901 Improved payment
Hawkmoor Dump Tram (Electric) 1902 Faster loading
Catchcan Tanker Tram (Electric) 1902 Faster loading
Fairlop Passenger Tram (Electric) 1903 Faster loading
Foxley Courier Tram (Electric) 1903
Poptop Edibles Tanker Tram (Electric) 1906 Faster loading, improved payment
Winterfold Refrigerated Tram (Electric) 1915 Improved payment
Newbold Passenger Tram (Electric) 1932 Faster loading
Stagrun Courier Tram (Electric) 1932
Brightling Open Tram (Electric) 1940
Colbiggan Box Tram (Electric) 1940
Stancliffe Flatbed Tram (Electric) 1940
Thurlbear Covered Hopper Tram (Electric) 1940 Faster loading
Nutbrook Fruit & Vegetables Tram (Electric) 1940 Improved payment
Shotover Livestock Tram (Electric) 1941 Improved payment
Nettlebridge Dump Tram (Electric) 1944 Faster loading
Oylbarral Tanker Tram (Electric) 1945 Faster loading
Bottlebrook Edibles Tanker Tram (Electric) 1946 Faster loading, improved payment
Sparkford Refrigerated Tram (Electric) 1955 Improved payment
Northbeach Passenger Tram (Electric) 1961 Faster loading
Strongbox Courier Tram (Electric) 1961
Twinhills Passenger Tram (Electric) 1990 Faster loading
Singing River Courier Tram (Electric) 1990
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