Road Hog

A Big Fat Road Vehicle Set

1. Download Road Hog

Road Hog is available from the content service in OpenTTD, as a zip for manual installation, or as a source checkout for compiling locally (requires mercurial and various python dependencies).

Download in OpenTTD

Easiest: get Road Hog from the OpenTTD content service.


Download Zip

Get the latest Road Hog release for manual install.

Download Road Hog

Download Source

Checkout source code and compile your own Road Hog.

Road Hog Source Repo

2. Setting Up a Game with Road Hog

A few things to know before setting up a Road Hog game...

Default Vehicles

Road Hog will disable all the default OpenTTD vehicles.

Capacity Parameter

There is a parameter to adjust vehicle capacity up or down from the default. This will apply to all vehicles in the set.

Conflicts with other NewGRF sets.

There are no known conflicts between Road Hog and other NewGRF sets.

Vehicle introduction dates

Vehicles are introduced between approximately 1860 and 2007. OpenTTD randomises introduction dates, so these may vary a little.

Cargo Support

Every cargo in the game should be supported by at least one vehicle in Road Hog (from 1860 onwards). Report back if it doesn't.

For certain cargos, some vehicles will show accurate cargo graphics or different liveries.

3. What Next?

Find out more about Road Hog. Or try it out in OpenTTD!

List of Road Vehicles Code Reference

4. Changes in Road Hog

Road Hog is updated and improved quite often.

The Road Hog changelog keeps track of changes, including new features, bug fixes and updates to translations.

Road Hog, with thanks to all who helped