FIRS Industry Replacement Set

New Industries and Cargos for OpenTTD

FIRS Gameplay

You can jump right into FIRS gameplay.

  • There are familiar industries and cargos you'll recognise from default OpenTTD.
  • FIRS also adds lots of exciting new cargos and industries to play with.
  • Primary industries like mines and farms will always produce some cargo.
  • Secondary industries like the steel mill and cement plant will always produce some output cargo when an accepted cargo is delivered.

Gameplay Tips

  • Deliver supplies to primary industries regularly to boost production.
  • Some secondary industries boost production when more than one accepted cargo is delivered regularly.
  • Primary industries will never close.
  • Secondary industry will not close unless the closure parameter is enabled.
  • Some industries are available from year 0. Some industries (and the cargos they use) are only available after a certain date.

Download FIRS

FIRS is available:

FIRS Needs NewGRF Vehicles

Many FIRS cargos are not transportable using the default OpenTTD vehicles.

Fortunately there are lots of great NewGRF vehicle sets with FIRS support.

The OpenTTD content service (Bananas) is a good place to find these.

Activate FIRS and Choose an Economy

FIRS offers 6 economies. The 'Basic' economies are simple and offer a good starting point for players new to FIRS. Other economies are more complex and challenging.

  • Activate FIRS via the NewGRF settings window.
  • Choose which economy you want using the parameter settings window.
  • Only one economy can be active at once.
  • Economies can be used in any OpenTTD climate, but some are designed to work best in the temperate, sub-arctic or sub-tropic climates.

Advanced FIRS Parameters

In addition to the economy parameter, FIRS provides a number of other parameters.

It's fine to leave these on the defaults, they're provided for advanced players who want to adjust certain aspects of FIRS gameplay.

Conflict Detection

When you begin a new OpenTTD game, FIRS will disable itself if certain conflicting newgrfs are detected.

You'll see a message if this happens.

There's a list of conflicting newgrfs.

FIRS, with thanks to all who helped