Squid Ate FISH

New Ships for OpenTTD

1. Download Squid Ate FISH

Squid Ate FISH is available from the content service in OpenTTD, as a zip for manual installation, or as a source checkout for compiling locally (requires mercurial and various python dependencies).

Download in OpenTTD

Easiest: get Squid Ate FISH from the OpenTTD content service.


Download Zip

Get the latest Squid Ate FISH release for manual install.

Download Squid Ate FISH

Download Source

Checkout source code and compile your own Squid Ate FISH.

Squid Ate FISH Source Repo

2. Setting Up a Game with Squid Ate FISH

A few things to know before setting up a Squid Ate FISH game...


3. What Next?

Find out more about Squid Ate FISH. Or try it out in OpenTTD!

List of Ships Code Reference

4. Changes in Squid Ate FISH

Squid Ate FISH is updated and improved quite often.

The Squid Ate FISH changelog keeps track of changes, including new features, bug fixes and updates to translations.

Squid Ate FISH, with thanks to all who helped